Microsoft Releases Smaller Xbox Adapter for Windows 10, 3 New Controllers

One of the advantages of new Surface devices like the Studio is that you can use a wireless Xbox controller without the need for an adapter. While Microsoft has offered a wireless adapter for PCs, it has been quite large but that is changing today.

Starting in August, you can order a smaller Xbox controller PC wireless adapter (66% smaller) for $24.99; the adapter allows you to connect up to 8 controllers to one PC. There is also a new bundle with the smaller adapter that will set you back $79.99 that includes a controller.

In addition to the new adapter, there are three new Xbox One controllers available as well. All three models are the standard controller and come in blue (Patrol Tech), red/black (Volcano Shadow) and grey. The two colored controllers will run $69.99 and the grey will cost $64.99.

The new controllers are great but what I am still hoping for is that one day Microsoft will offer the Elite controller in the company’s design lab. While I do like the standard controller, once you play with the Elite, you will never go back.

You can get custom-colored Elite controllers from third-party vendors but they are not cheap and can add up to $100 to the MSRP.