Microsoft removes ReFS creation ability in Windows 10 Pro


The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will come with several changes on Windows 10 machines. There are several features that have been removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Microsoft recently updated their post to mention that the ReFS creation ability in Windows 10 Pro will be discontinued. ReFS stands for Resilient File System, and its creation ability has been removed.

refs removed windows 10 pro

ReFS creation feature to be removed in Windows 10 Pro

As per the update on Microsoft Support website, the ReFS creation ability will be available in Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations only. For all other editions, Microsoft has decided to remove the ReFS creation ability, which also includes Windows 10 Pro. All these editions will only have Read and Write ability and no creation ability.

A bit about ReFS creation ability

ReFS or Resilient File System was introduced by Microsoft in 2012 for Windows 8. ReFS maximizes data availability. It also scales out efficiently to large data sets. ReFS was designed to maximize the data availability and reliability even if the concerned storage devices experienced a hardware failure. The Resilient file system also detects corrupted data and restores the uncorrected copy of this data to some other drive. Thus, the data remains safe. ReFS also serves as the next-generation file system which works well and takes care of the issues which were present in NTFS.

Some of the features of ReFS:

  • Data Availability: ReFS File System proliferates data availability by showing resiliency to the data corruption or failures. Automatic data integrity checks help keep ReFS online, and you hardly suffer any volume down time.
  • Tensile Scalability: Requirements for increased amount and size of the data keeps surging up with the changing technology. ReFS puts forth the ability to challenge extremely large data sets and work well with it without any performance issues.
  • Acute Error Correction: ReFS File System comes coupled with an automatic data integrity scanner known as Scrubber which periodically scans the data volume, identifies the potential corrupt sectors and process them for a repair.

Windows 10 Pro will have only ReFS Read & Write functionaluty in the Fall Creators Update and later versons”.