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‘Microsoft Solitaire Collection’ For iOS, Android: How To Download, Install And Play

Microsoft has released the official iOS and Android app versions of its Solitaire game. Called the “Microsoft Solitaire Collection,” the app offers five virtual card games.

1. Klondike — Players need to clear cards from the table by building a numerical series of cards belonging to each suit. They have to combine existing cards on the table with cards from a three-card draw. Once the suit is complete, it will be eliminated from the deck.

2. Spider — It consists of eight columns of cards which need to be cleared off the table with the fewest moves possible. Players can choose between a single suit or four suits.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Android/iOS
The official Microsoft app for the vintage Solitaire game has been launched for Android/iOS devices.

3. Freecell — Players need to strategically use four empty cells to move the cards around and clear all cards from the table.

4. Tripeaks — Players are offered a limited number of deals in which they have to select cards in a sequence, earn combo points and clear as many boards as they can.

5. Pyramid — Players need to combine cards that add up to 13 in order to remove them from a pyramid arrangement on the board to reach the top and clear as many boards as they can in the process.

The games can also be played in multiplayer mode using the Xbox Live integration. Players will need to sign in with their Xbox Live gamertag or Microsoft account and earn Xbox Live achievements and gamerscores. They would also be able to switch between devices and continue where they left off in the previous device, since progress and game data will be saved in the cloud.

The apps also include daily challenges with multiple levels and rewards for all five games, and can be downloaded from the Google Play store and App Store.

Players will get a free month subscription of “Microsoft Solitaire Collection” premium edition, worth $1.99, between Nov. 23 and Dec.31. The premium version comes without ads and offers game boosts and double coins for all daily challenges.

The game collection has been available for Windows 8 and Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices since the launch of the operating systems. Microsoft claims the game has reached 119 million unique players in the last 4 years.


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