Microsoft Surface Duo devices show cracks around its USB-C port


It may appear that Microsoft just can’t seem to get the smartphone recipe right. The company had to wait four years since the Lumia 650, to give us a new smartphone. Still, that doesn’t mean that the Surface Duo has turned out to be as great as we expected. Microsoft announced the Surface Duo a couple of months ago, and it arrived with a whopping $1,399 price tag. We can’t deny that the device has managed to get us excited, as we are always looking for innovation and variety in today’s smartphone world. Unfortunately, several reports are starting to show that the device isn’t as strong as we had expected.

Please take extra caution on this particular spot of the type c port. Very thin plastic! Extremely easy to break! Mine cracked just by putting the device in the pocket. I’m gonna RMA mine see if they are willing to replace the unit.

— Yi Han (@hanyiabc) September 14, 2020

It seems that the Microsoft Surface Duo is not as durable as expected. Indeed, the device survived the abuse from JerryRigEverything’s durability test, but it can’t seem to withstand everyday use, which also includes charging the device every once in a while. Several Surface Duo users have started to report on Reddit and Twitter that the plastic around the USB-C port of their devices has cracked. Some of them say that that this happened while they were plugging in the charging cable, and some even claim that this incident happened while they were putting the Surface Duo in their pockets.

I just exchanged mine…the gorilla glass doesn’t cover the charging port and the cheap plastic broke during an attempt to plug in the charger. #SurfaceDuo
#bestbuy made me pay a restocking fee ?

— °COMMNTERi (@COMNTERI) September 20, 2020

The real reason behind these cracks may be that the plastic surrounding the USB-C port is thin. Each half of the device measures only 4.8mm, and the USB-C port alone is 2,6mm thick, so you do the math. The plastic on the sides of the USB-C port is extremely thin, and obviously not very durable. However, this issue doesn’t seem to affect how the Surface Duo charges, and it doesn’t cause the charging cable to wiggle when connected, so it may just end up being a cosmetic issue that users may not want to find in their $1,400 phones.

Source MS Power User