Microsoft to make it easier to share from Outlook to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is working on engineering tighter integration between Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap indicates that the company is planning to make it easier to share from Outlook on the Web to Microsoft Teams.

The entry reads:

Outlook: Outlook on the web – Share to Microsoft Teams

Send a copy of email messages or conversations, including attachments, into Teams chats and channels or start a Teams chat related to a specific email message. When sharing to Teams from Outlook on the web, a popup window will appear to confirm to which channel or person you want to share, you can also select whether you want to include attachments or not.

The feature would allow users to share an email or email thread to a Teams channel or person directly from Outlook on the Web, without having to forward the email or export it.

The roadmap suggests the feature will only become available sometime in March 2021 and should be available to all classes of users.

via MakeUseOf