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Microsoft updates Skype Bot framework with Cards groups and more


After Yahoo introduced the bots in Facebook Messenger it is now the turn of Microsoft to update its bot framework. The Skype Bot Platform was announced along with the March Build and had around 30,000 developers working on the bot ecosystem. Microsoft has now announced some new features for the bot developers which will be offered with the latest Microsoft Bot Framework.

Skype Bot framework

Skype Bot framework updated

Bot groups, if you are hunting for some new form of entertainment then this is probably one of the best stuff. The Group bot is actually a group of bot chatting with an entire group on the given topic. For instance, one could simply mention @entertainment.

Developers can also create visual cards for encouraging the user to bot interactions with the help of image cards, carousels and also receipts. Now the Natural Language is an interesting feature that works in tandem with the Bing Entity and allows for Intent detection so that the built in bot would understand the natural language automatically.

Third party authentication is something that will help the app developers go a long way when it comes to integrating their bots in Skype. The app can let the users sign up by using a sign-in card. Once the user is signed on they can enjoy the services without any kind of interruptions.

Another good thing is that Microsoft has bought in the Skype Bot Platform and the Microsoft Bot Framework into a single system and this will help the developers gain access to a plethora of new bot building tools. In a nutshell, the new bot framework will help developers leverage their services by using the new bot framework.

Source: Skype Blog.


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