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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate for PC announced


During the Microsoft Connect() 2016 event, Microsoft took the opportunity to make several new announcements. On November 16th, Microsoft made an announcement of the Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate. Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate is the new version of Visual Studio. On one of the MSDN’s Visual Studio blogs, the team thanked all those people who tried out the pre-builds and previews and provided feedback.

Apart from Visual Studio 2017 RC, Microsoft’s team also made announcements of Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio Mobile Center.

Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate

Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate features

The Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate has several features as well as certain performance updates. The release also offers improvements to the mobile and cloud development experiences. Some of the features of Visual Studio 2017 RC are as follows:


  • Boosted Productivity: To achieve this, Visual Studio 2017 comes with enhanced features such as IntelliSense, Navigation, Live editing, Opening files without projects and Debugging. Enhancements to code navigation, IntelliSense, refactoring, code fixes, and debugging, saves time and effort of the developer on a regular basis regardless of language or platform.
  • Redefined Fundamentals: The redefined fundamentals of the Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate focus on increased efficiency of the fundamental tasks developers encounter on daily basis. It includes updates such as new lightweight and modular installation tailored to developers’ need and a faster IDE from startup to shut down.
  • Streamlined Azure Development: Built-in suite of Azure tools that enable developers to easily create cloud-first applications is powered by Microsoft Azure. Visual Studio makes it easy to configure, build, debug, package, and deploy applications and services on Microsoft Azure directly from the IDE.
  • Five-star Mobile Development: With advanced debugging and profiling tools and unit test generation features, Visual Studio 2017 with Xamarin makes it faster and easier for the developers to build, connect, and tune mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.

To know more about features and updates in the Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate, check out Visual Studio 2017 Release Notes and Known Issues, Visual Studio 2017 RC FAQ, and the Visual Studio 2017 RC Page on visualstudio.com.

Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio Mobile Center announcements

Along with the announcement of Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate, Microsoft also made two more important announcements. These were as follows:

  1. Visual Studio for the Mac: The Visual Studio for the Mac is built from the ground up for the Mac and focused on full-stack, client-to-cloud native mobile development, using Xamarin for Visual Studio, ASP.NET Core, and Azure.
  2. Visual Studio Mobile Center: The Visual Studio Mobile Center is “mission control for mobile apps.” It brings together multiple services commonly used by mobile developers into a single, integrated service that allows you to build, test, deploy, and monitor cloud attached apps in one place.

Read more about these new developments on The Visual Studio Blog.


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