Microsoft’s Surface Pro is still more popular than the Surface Laptop and Surface Books

Microsoft has been selling Surface devices for a while now, but it is its Surface Pros that still take the brunt of the sales.

According to AdDuplex’s new stats for the month of November, the Surface Pro (2017) is the best selling of the new Surfaces. Coming in at 9.2% for the Surface Pro, with the Surface Books cumulatively reaching 7.5 % and the Surface Laptop, 2.0%.

It’s interesting looking at what form factors resonate most with users of the Surface Brand. One could argue that the Surface Book and Studio are more expensive than the Surface Pro and therefore more niche, the Surface Laptop itself is a cheaper value proposition than the Surface Pro all things considered.

Microsoft will no doubt continue producing Surfaces in traditional form-factors, but users obviously resonate with the 2 in one form factor popularised by the Surface and Surface Pro.

AdDuplex’s stats also tell a bit more about how Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update process is going. The Fall Creators Update is now on every fifth PC, with Microsoft’s Surface PCs leading the charge this time. This is a different tactic than for the Creators update, as Microsoft held the update back for Surface Pro 3 users then. It’s also heading out at a faster pace than the former update, reaching 20% of PCs where the Creators Update was at 18%.