Minecraft Preview finally brings ray tracing to Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft and Mojang has finally added aray tracing support to Minecraft Preview on Xbox Series X/S. However, it seems to be only available to a handful of players for now.

Xbox Insiders have been able to access Minecraft Preview on Xbox consoles since February (it was already available on iOS and Windows). It effectively replaces the beta test program (although currently runs alongside it) and enables new trial features and settings to play with.

The current Xbox version, which is available to all Insiders, even lists ray tracing as an option in settings but it is greyed out. Some report that they have finally gained access though, with the ability to import a PC ray-traced world or start a new world with ray tracing enabled.

Minecraft with raytracing on Xbox? The latest Minecraft Preview is optimized for Xbox Series S / X and has early raytracing support pic.twitter.com/cqH0cuGbtS

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) March 28, 2022

They also report that the game is now listed as being optimised for Xbox Series X/S for them, although we are yet to see that ourselves here at Pocket-lint.

Perhaps this is a staged rollout therefore, amongst different Xbox Insider tiers. There is no official word as yet, but surely it is only a matter of time.

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