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12 Analytics Plugins for WordPress

With the right analytics plugin, a WordPress ecommerce merchant can access extensive data to track visitors and discover what they like and what they don’t, to convert more visitors. Here is a list of analytics plugins for WordPress. There are solutions to track visitors, create page

27 Free Animation Tools for Design

In “15 Tools for Animation,” I profiled easy-to-use animation tools for content marketing. But animation can also add design to a site, to enhance the experience of visitors. Here is a list of animation tools for design. There are plugins and libraries for simple transitions and

HootSuite најдобрите алтернативи на Ниво Нагоре Социјалните медиуми маркетинг во 2018

HootSuite е популарен фаворит за многу блогери и на пазарот. Тоа беше еден од неколку апликации социјални медиуми за управување на кои дојде до егзистенција во почетокот на 2000-тите и се разви во денешниот одат-на алатка за закажување постови на социјалните мрежи. Како повеќето корисници, јас бев…

10 Platforms to Build a Chatbot for Your Business

Chatbots are conversational applications that can be integrated into messaging platforms to perform automated tasks, such as collecting information from customers or helping shoppers find the right products. Chatbots don’t require users to install additional apps. And they are relatively simple and inexpensive to build. тука…

13 Extensions to Enhance a Magento Store

Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform, used by more than 250,000 merchants worldwide. With hundreds of extensions on the Magento Connect marketplace, Magento is a flexible and appealing solution for many merchants. Here is a list of extensions to customize a Magento store. There are extensions

9 Best Free Themes for Bootstrap

Looking for a great, free Bootstrap theme that you can use as a jumping off point for your upcoming projects? Take a peek at this list of our top nine favorite (and free!!) themes built using the Bootstrap framework. Ninestars Ninestars is a free Bootstrap theme