Дали Samsung планира повеќе Tizen телефони за оваа година?

Претходно оваа година, Samsung had announced there would be XCHARXa flood of devicesXCHARX powered by its Android OS competitor Tizen in 2015.

Додека корејскиот техно-гигант направи уреди за носење, апарати и телевизори со што се пофали со својот домашен оперативен систем, само еден паметен телефон на Tizen, Samsung Z1, has launched thus far in 2015 XCHARX and that was only in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

But now, it seems things are starting to pick up for Tizen: Samsung will apparently have more Tizen smartphones make an appearance before 2015XCHARXs over, according to Ројтерс.

According to the report, a “person with knowledge of the matter” said Samsung will be launching “several Tizen smartphones at varying prices” this year.

No other details were disclosed, including whether any of these smartphones will launch in the US or UK, or if the phones would again only be available in developing countries, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground.

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