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Patch Tuesday September 2018

  Microsoft patches 62 vulnerabilities, 17 of which are rated Critical. Including a patch for the zero-day ALPC vulnerability that was publicly disclosed on Twitter at the end of August. This month Microsoft patches five critical vulnerabilities for all versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server

How To Defer Windows 10 Feature Updates

  Microsoft provides two types of updates for Windows 10. Quality updates come at least once a month and provide bug fixes and security patches. Feature updates are released biannually and are a major new version of the operating system. Biannual feature updates are released on

Microsoft Unveils TypeScript 3.0 For Public

TypeScript is a typed superset of Javascript that compiles to plain javascript. Microsoft released Typescript version 2.0 in September 2016 just about a month after the release of the Release Candidate. Finally, Microsoft has raised the curtain off the Type Script 3.0 for the public. TypeScript

Surface Go vs. Surface 3 (video)

Following its release last week, Surface Go has received plenty of praise as a worthy budget addition to Microsoft's Surface lineup. But it's not the first low-priced Surface on the block; that title would go to 2015's Surface 3. So how do they compare? Whether you're

Мајкрософт изданија нови прозорци 10 Redstone 5 и 19H1 гради

Мајкрософт денеска валани нови гради за Windows Инсајдерите во Брз и прескокнете прстени. Еве еден поглед на промени и карактеристики да се очекува. Microsoft today released Windows 10 Redstone 5 Изградба 17723 for Insiders in the Fast ring and Build 18204 for

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