MLB The Show 17 Patch 1.08: New Update Focuses On Online Play And Challenge Of The Week

This week saw another patch for MLB The Show 17. This patch focuses mostly on online play, as opposed to previous patches which encompassed many different areas.

One of the major fixes that Patch 1.08 addresses is the soft hangs during online matchups. After playing a few online games, these “hangs” usually occur at the worst possible times, such as during pickoffs and pitches in the dirt. Chaos then ensues as when the hang ends, the ball in the dirt results in a wild pitch or passed ball. The fix stops inadvertent mistakes that could result in a game’s momentum changing.

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What’s more, Patch 1.08 to also addresses an issue with the MLB The Show 17’s Challenge of the Week. One of the biggest additions to the game, Challenge of the Week allows players to engage in one-on-one battles against the best pitchers in the MLB as one of the MLB’s major hitters.

While this mode is enjoyable, there is always a major divide between those with huge scores and others with average scores. Sony figured out that there was an exploit that some figured out to accumulate high scores and that was one of the things that were fixed in Patch 1.08. This should make for more competitive scores and some excitement for those players who want the weekly prizes that go with the Challenge of the Week.

The full list of fixes inside MLB The Show 17’s Patch 1.08 is below. Let us know what you think about this update and online gameplay in our comment section.

Online Specific Gameplay Improvements and Stabilizations

  • Fixed a number of issues that could result in a soft hang during and online game. Includes pickoffs, throws to unoccupied bases, and pitches in the dirt.
  • Adjustments made to eliminate an occasional pitch that would cause the ball to change direction in mid-flight, resulting in strikes being called balls, and vice versa.
  • Fixed an exploit in Challenge of the Week that was allowing users to record extremely high scores.
  • Swing analysis will no longer show your opponent’s plate coverage indicator when you are pitching. The PCI location was incorrect (for the pitching user) and this removal is intended to clear up some of the confusion it was causing.


  • Fixed an issue where “Team Epic” Mission stats and wins would not track after completing a “Play with Friends” game, then entering into a “Play vs. CPU” game.
  • Corrected minor issues with various Universal Profile achievements.
  • Addressed issues with Universal Profile nameplates and icons.

Various other minor bug fixes and adjustments made throughout the game.