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Movavi Screen Capture: Simple Yet Powerful Screen Recorder

If you want to be able to grab videos from websites, save Skype calls, or create tutorials using on-screen footage then the one thing you need is a screen recorder. As its name implies a screen recorder will let you record footage directly from your screen – and that can be used in numerous ways.

Assuming you have never dealt with screen recorders in the past you may understandably be a bit wary of them. At first glance the idea of recording videos from your screen may even seem a bit too technical – but that is why it would be a good idea to look to Movavi Screen Capture.

Contrary to what you may expect, Movavi Screen Capture will provide you with an easy and intuitive way to record screen and grab any footage that you need. It has a simple and clean user interface that is easy to navigate, and its features are designed in such a way that it will take no time to explore and familiarize yourself with each of them.

Among the features in Movavi Screen Capture that you may find intriguing include:

  • Defining the exact area of your screen that you want to record by drawing and adjusting a customized capture frame or using one of the presets available.
  • Selecting the audio source (or sources) that you want to record, including the system audio or audio from a third party device such as a microphone.
  • Adjusting the audio levels using simple sliders.
  • Choosing to capture keyboard and mouse actions by displaying any keys that are pressed on screen, highlighting the mouse cursor, and setting a more audible ‘click’ sound.
  • Configuring the frame rate to up to 60 frames per second for the smoothest playback or less than that in order to produce a smaller video file size.
  • Controlling the recording process using hotkeys or the built-in timer to schedule and stop it automatically.

As you can see the features that Movavi Screen Capture provides will give you the means to set up the parameters of your video recording to match any specifications. More importantly because it is so easy to use you won’t have to force yourself through a steep learning curve or spend ages trying to configure technical details, and should actually be able to jump right in and start recording your video within minutes at most.

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