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How To Move Chart To New Window in Excel

Here is a trick for those of you working with Excel on a daily basis, especially if you are spending a significant amount of time with charts. Charts are a great way to visualize data and how data manipulation might have an affect on the overall picture.

The issue that I ran into with my setup is the Chart that requires a large screen real estate, so it has to occupy the full sheet. However, the downside with a full sheet of charts is the consistent back and forth editing between the data and the charts. It would ideal if there is a way to have the Charts open side by side with the original data so the visualization can occur in real time while data manipulation is being applied.

Fix By Move Chart Into a new Window

The fix is actually quite simple, if you have a Chart that’s a representation of either your existing Sheet or from a different Sheet of the same document you can move the ONLY the chart to a separate window while maintaining the link and data integrity between the data and the chart.


Right Click on the Chart (sheet) > Move or Copy …


From the Move or Copy popup dialogue ensure to move this to a different Book, it can be a new book or any existing Book. This way you will keep the data integrity from the original document and the new Excel worksheet as long as both are open.


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