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2 thoughts on “How to move your Mac user folder to a separate drive from the boot drive”

  1. This is exactly what I want to do. Your description, plus the screenshots make the process perfectly clear. However, my situation requires me to go about this in a back-to-front manner.

    My total primary drive contents (system, apps and data) is too large to go onto the SSD that I want to use for the boot drive. I need to copy the system and apps over from the HDD to the SSD. This will leave me with the original boot on the HDD. I’ve heard that OS X will try and thwart me from trashing this boot because it thinks I am leaving the Users folder on it’s own.

    Is it technically feasible to leave this boot where it is with the Users folder and just link up the copied SSD boot to my user account on the HDD as you described? If so, the advantage here would be that I would have a redundant, but usable boot for emergencies. Or is this just naive optimism on my part?

    Oh, by the way, I would be doing this on a Mac Pro desktop.


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