Cara Edit Pintasan Laman Web Facebook

So, I wanted to share a short “How to” with all of you today. This is something that has been bugging me for awhile on my Facebook homepage– those little shortcuts that Facebook offers you on the left side of your screen. ‘Why do they pepijat you, Jason?’ Good question class. What has been bugging me is the order they are in and the ones they have decided I need to see. I think that we should be making these decisions and not the MAN (a.k.a. Facebook). There is a way to edit this little shortcut list yourself and I’m going to show you how to do it. Now start that printer up or go old school and grab a paper and pencil. Here is the steps on how to edit your shortcut list.

How to Edit Facebook Homepage Shortcuts

Langkah 1: Log in to your Facebook page


Langkah 2: Once logged in, you should be on your home page. On this screen you will need to look to the left and you should see at the top a menu named pintasan

Langkah 3: There are two ways that you can edit these Shortcuts: One, just hover your mouse over the shortcut you wish to edit and three horizontal dots will appear. Click them.

Langkah 4: A menu will appear with either Unpin from Top, Pin ke atas or Hide from Shortcuts which are the only options they offer for editing the list. There might be other options for groups, but those are not important to this article. Choose if you want it pinned to the top or hidden from the list or, as my picture shows, Unpin from top.

Langkah 3.1: The other way to do this is by hovering your mouse over the shortcut menu and clicking edit link that appears at the top. Klik ia

Langkah 4.1: Now you will see a window with all the editing options and shortcuts you can work with. Again, you only get one baru choice in here, but at least you can now see all your shortcut options. Click one of the down arrows next to a shortcut. Here you have the added option to Sort Automatically. When you are done adjusting things, just hit the Simpan butang at bottom right.

Nota sampingan: In this window to unpin a shortcut you have to set it to Sort Automatically. Also notice that it does not always work from this window (this is a bug on Facebook’s side).

Petua Bonus

If you want a certain shortcut to be on the top, you will need to pin it to the top Last. They are put in order from last pinned to first which means what ever you pin last should show on the top of the menu. You should do the main pinning from the main shortcut list on the left of your home page. Found it worked much easier. Thought that would be helpful for you (You’re​ welcome).

You will need to mess around with this to get the hang of putting your shortcuts inthe order you prefer.

Pemikiran Akhir

This has some bugs/issues, but overall, you can edit the shortcuts, which I like. I wish they would make it easier to move them in the order I want like dragging them with my mouse. Facebook, get to work on that would you? Plus work some of the bugs out. Hope this was a helpful article for you.


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