Far Cry 5 Menawarkan Visual 4K Visual Permainan Dalam Xbox One X

Far Cry 5 has now come out and while the wide open world of the game set in rural Montana isn’t exactly what you’d call exotic, the sheer visual spectacle on offer compensates for this in some truly impressive ways. This applies particularly for playing this edition on the Xbox One X, where the full flourish of its native 4K graphics capacity is allowed to shine.

More specifically, according to console and PC gaming experts at the site Digital Foundry, Far Cry 5 “might just stand as one of the finest examples of 4K image quality when you’re gaming with Xbox One X”. The One X console has the processing power to run at least certain types of games with Xbox-tailored 4K graphics at their full native 3840 x 2160 resolution and with HDR thrown in for even more visual spectacle on the right kind of 4K TV, a game like Far Cry 5 is perfect for showing off what 4K console gaming can really look like at its best. Even Sony’s PS4 Pro can’t manage quite these same graphics, given that it will at best upscale a game of this graphic power to a maximum resolution of 2880 x 1440.


That said, the enhancements made to Far Cry 5 don’t just consist of its capacity for higher resolution. The game has can also play at max resolution on the One X console with temporal anti-aliasing in place and due to the processing chops of the Xbox One X’s Scorpio hardware, the game delivers fantastic texture rendering, rich detail even for far-off objects or scenes and high dynamic range is also delivered beautifully on TV or PC display screens that support HDR. Overall, the sheer realism of the game, especially for close-up objects, is remarkable.

In essence, this is one of the latest and most thoroughly fleshed out of Microsoft’s newer “Xbox One X enhanced games, which are all designed to show off the console’s maximum prowess across several different metrics of visual and gameplay performance.

Like all Xbox One X enhanced games, Far Cry 5 is playable with many of its HDR and texture graphics intact even on older versions of Xbox. Thus, on the Xbox One S, it can still deliver upscaled graphics and high dynamic range while also offering up many of its texture and handling features for even the old Xbox One console while played on a conventional HD TV. HDR and 4K graphics for Far Cry 5 and many of its counterparts from Microsoft also work on PC versions, if you’re using the right sort of PC that is.

You can get yourself a copy of Far Cry 5 right on Amazon, where the standard edition (with all 4K and HDR enhancements for the Xbox One X) retails for $59.99


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