HiBit System Information: View hardware and software information about your Windows PC

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Are you looking for complete hardware information about your computer? The first step towards getting support from an expert involves providing hardware information about your computer. Or you might just be curious to know more about your computer. Moreover, you can use your system information to compare it with system requirements for most of the programs that you are going to install on your computer. A freeware called HiBit System Information lets you obtain complete system information about your computer and connected devices. While Windows has some built-in System Information Tools, freeware like these give you more easily.

HiBit System Information for Windows

HiBit System Information for Windows

HiBit System Information is basically meant for sharing your computer’s hardware and software information with other users. It could be for technical support, upgrade suggestions or any other reason. The program tries to obtain each available piece of information about connected hardware and devices. You might be amazed to see the details and depth of information collected by HiBit System Information.

The tool is available both in installer and portable format. You can load up the portable version in your USB drive and run it on whatever system you want. Getting the system information is straight-forward. All you need to do is run the tool and wait for a few seconds.

Once all the information has been loaded, you can use the tabs to navigate around and go to different categories. The Summary tab hosts some general (most-common) details about your computer. You can view names of most of the hardware components like CPU, Grafik, Penyimpanan, Rangkaian, dan lain-lain. And you can also view some general details about the installed operating system and its version, architecture, dan lain-lain.

You can move on to Perkakasan dan Software tab for more in-depth details. Coming to the hardware tab, there are many sub-tabs available each corresponding to one hardware component.

  • CPU: Most of the details like Name, Manufacturer, Clock Speed, Processor ID, Number of cores are available.
  • RAM: You can view the installed memory and maximum capacity. Other than that, you can also view how the memory slots being used.
  • Motherboard: Most common details like serial number are available along with a list of system ports.
  • BIOS: The most important piece of hardware information that you will ever need. The program displays some basic details along with most of the characteristics and features supported by the BIOS.
  • Paparan: This tab lets you view details about all the display adapters available on your system. You can use the drop-down to switch between the adapters.
  • Penyimpanan: Lets you view information like device serial, total capacity, interface type, number of cylinders, dan lain-lain.
  • Printers: You can view details about all the connected printers. Even if you don’t have a printer connected, you can view details about virtual printers provided by applications like OneNote and Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Rangkaian: Lets you view details like IP Address, MAC Address, speed and manufacturer details.
  • Others: The others tab contains some basic information about the sound devices, keyboards and pointing devices connected to your computer.

Very similarly, you can go to Software tab to view in-depth details about software components of your computer. HiBit System Information can display details about OS, running processes and services, installed programs, start-up and security details.

Another most promising feature of HiBit System Information is the Export ciri. You can selectively export all the information in HTML format so that it can be easily shared over email. I had a few problems while opening the report on Google Chrome, but it worked fine for all other browsers.

HiBit System Information is a great tool to collect information about your computer in a shareable format. Now you can easily produce these files to your support team so that they can help you out with hardware issues in an efficient way.

Klik here to download HiBit System Information.

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