Bagaimana untuk mematikan ciri Balas Pintar Gmail

Smart Reply is a feature on Gmail that uses algorithms and machine learning to suggest replies to emails to users of the service. The main idea behind it is to speed up the time it takes to reply to an email by selecting one of the suggested answers so that you don’t have to type it.

The feature is available on desktop and mobile versions of Gmail. Suggested replies are short, e.g. “working on it”, “Let’s do Monday”, or “Thanks a lot”, and if you have contacts on Gmail that make use of the feature quite a bit, you may have received short auto-generated answers regularly already.

There are two main points of criticism when it comes to Smart Reply. The first is that the answers that it provides are short so that you won’t save an awful lot of time when you use the feature. You may need to add more text to the message in many cases so that Smart Reply does not speed things up too much in most cases.

The second issue is one of privacy. To provide answers, Google’s algorithms need to scan the email to decipher topics and generate replies based on what is being discussed. Google berhenti mengimbas e-mel untuk tujuan iklan di 2017 tetapi algoritma seperti Smart Answer bergantung kepada kandungan e-mel untuk memberikan cadangan.

The feature returns suggestions for some email conversations only and not all conversations. It seems to work best for emails that include questions, e..g. XCHARXshould we meet on Monday or TuesdayXCHARX but even those are not covered 100%.

Mematikan Balas Pintar di Gmail

Google melancarkan yang baru Kemas kini antara muka web Gmail di 2018 that introduced some features of Google Inbox and made design changes next to that. One of the changes introduced on the desktop was Smart Reply. Unlike on mobile, where users can turn off Smart Reply off by going to Settings > General and removing the checkmark from “Show suggested replies when available”, no such option was provided for desktop users.

Google berjanji untuk melakukan yang lebih baik, dan pilihan baru telah tiba di Gmail untuk desktop.

jawapan pintar gmail

Berikut adalah cara anda mematikan Balas Pintar di desktop Gmail:

  1. Muatkan dalam pelayar web anda.
  2. Jika anda tidak dilog masuk, log masuk ke akaun Gmail anda.
  3. Tatal ke bawah ke tetapan Balas Pintar.
  4. Switch to “Smart Reply off”.
  5. Scroll all the way down and select “Save changes”.

Ciri Balas Pintar dimatikan selepas anda membuat perubahan.

Tip: you may also turn off Smart Compose there. The feature analyzes text as you type and displays auto-complete suggestions. Just switch to “Writing suggestions off” on the same Settings page to turn the feature off as well.

Kata penutupan

Balas Pintar adalah ciri kontroversial untuk mempercepatkan balasan e-mel. Walaupun ia mungkin berfungsi untuk beberapa pengguna dan jenis e-mel, ia mungkin tidak berguna untuk kebanyakan pengguna atau perbualan yang berlaku di Gmail.

Gmail users who don’t make use of the feature should consider turning it off in the preferences on the site.

Sekarang awak: Adakah anda menggunakan Balasan Pintar atau ciri yang sama?

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