Jangan Gunakan Tab, Ruang Untuk Menyelaraskan Teks Dalam Word


Yes, I know a gazillion people who think it is just easier to keep hitting that Tab key all the way across their document so that blocks of text will line up for them. That’s all well and good if they like wasting time and keystrokes, but what about if this is a document that other colleagues have to work on?

Hello! Welcome to the baru age where we try to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible!

One Tab For All

I cannot tell you how irritating it is to have a document submitted to me so that I can menetapkan it and I find all these tabs across a page. Yes, I know it works for you and you like to take the longest path to a solution, but please, I’m begging you– please do not continue to do this!

There is always one person in a law firm who does this to line up a signature block. Just click on your Ruler to place a tab where you want to start your signature block or any other text you would like aligned. That is it! That’s all you have to do!

Click to enlarge images.

Now, when you hit your Tab key, it will move immediately to where you want it. One click!

See how easy this is? I hope you always remember this and stop using all those tabs in the future!


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