Muat turun Editor GitBook Untuk Linux Ubuntu

GitBook Editor for Linux Ubuntu. Enables simple writing from your desktop with an improved GitHub integration for Linux Ubuntu. Users can write, publish, and collaborate seamlessly.

GitBook is a command line tool (and Node.js library) for building beautiful books using GitHub/Git and Markdown (or AsciiDoc). You can publish and host books easily online using A desktop editor is also available. GitBook can be used either on your computer for building local books or on for hosting them. To get started, check out the installation instructions in the documentation. GitBook can be used to create book, public documentation, enterprise manual, thesis, research papers, etc.

GitBook Features

  • Write using Markdown or AsciiDoc
  • Output as a website or ebook (pdf, epub, mobi)
  • Pelbagai bahasa
  • Lexicon / Glossary
  • Cover
  • Variables and Templating
  • Content References
  • Plugin
  • Beautiful default theme

Editor GitBook

  • Expressive Markup – Books are written using Markdown or Asciidoc. LaTeX is supported to typeset mathematics. GitBook gives you complete control over your book’s markup, empowering you to express your ideas with clarity and precision.
  • Convenient editing – The Editor is smart at editing books in the GitBook format. It helps you edit swiftly, using auto-completion, shortcuts, drag and drop, etc.
  • Version Control – Manage versions of your book thanks to the powerful Git technology. The Editor lets you review changes made by you and others, to facilitate collaborative writing.

Download GitBook Editor for Linux

.deb for Ubuntu/Debian

muat turun 64-bit or 32-bit

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