Windows 10 S telah menjadi mod, bersama dengan sekumpulan SKU baru

Ingat mod XP-in Windows 7, yang berfungsi dengan baik pada masa itu? Sekarang, terdapat mod lain yang datang Windows 10, iaitu Windows 10 S Mode. The new “S S” will essentially lock down any copy of Windows 10 so it can only run apps from the Microsoft Store and does exactly what Windows 10 S was built to do.

Windows 10 S Mode - Splash

Brad Sams from Thurrott reported that 60% of users remain on Windows 10 S, instead of switching to Windows Pro free of charge. And 60% of those who switched do so within 24 hours of purchasing the device but if they don’t switch in the first 7 days, 83% remain running in S mode.

With that data in mind, Microsoft is making a move to strip the S out of Windows 10 lineup. Instead, offering S Mode for all iterations of Windows 10. And that brings some other big changes to Windows 10 lineup to OEMs.

Menurut Thurott, there are a total of five SKUs available for partners to utilize for consumers but they all have a defined set of parameters based on the hardware specifications. The SKUs are Kemasukan, nilai, Teras, Teras +, dan Maju.

Here is a breakdown of the SKUs based on the hardware with the pricing for the partners.

Windows 10 new SKUs breakdown
Source: Arstechnica

While it’s a good idea making S Mode available for each version of Windows 10, it does sound nuts seeing that many SKUs surfacing to confuse any of us. I truly hope this is only for Microsoft to make more money for themselves out of the licenses sold to the OEMs.


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