Windows 10 Petua: Cara Membuat Transparan Perintah Prompt Perintah

Konsol Prompt Perintah yang kita tahu dalam Windows sebelumnya tidak menyokong ketelusan. Dan secara teknikal, ia masih tidak menyokong Windows 10 kerana ia masih menggunakan grafik asli dan model rendering yang sama (GDI asal) yang dilaksanakan di konsol pada masa lalu. Tetapi, Windows 10 found a workaround that makes the entire window transparency, a nice compromise but works quite nicely.

Dibuka Command Prompt, right-click the top board and choose Hartanah.

Make sure the option “Use legacy console” at the bottom of the dialog window unchecked, which unlocks a bunch of new features that are only available in Windows 10, including the transparency.

Once that’s settled, you can adjust the transparency level via the Colors tab in the Command Prompt properties dialog or adjust on the fly using the following keyboard shortcuts.

Transparency CombinationsDescription
CTRL + SHIFT + Plus (+)Increase transparency.
CTRL + SHIFT + Minus (-)Decrease transparency.
CTRL + SHIFT + (Mouse) SCROLL UPIncrease transparency.
CTRL + SHIFT + (Mouse) SCROLL DOWNDecrease transparency.

Perhatikan bahawa to prevent “where did my console go” puzzling people, there is a minimum opacity level of a window set to 30% in Warna tab in Command Prompt properties dialog.

This also applies to PowerShell console window as well, hold down Ctrl + Shift key and then move your mouse wheel to adjust the background color transparency.


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