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MSI’s Intel 700-Series Motherboards Now Support Up To 192 GB DDR5 Capacities

MSI's Intel 700-Series Motherboards Now Support Up To 192 GB DDR5 Capacities 1

MSI has announced that its Intel 700-series motherboards will support the latest 48 GB & 28 GB DDR5 DIMMs for up to 192 GB capacities.

MSI Gears Up For 192 GB DDR5 Capacity Support On Its Intel 700-Series Motherboards Thanks To 48 GB & 24 GB Modules

Recently, Crucial became the first memory manufacturer to unveil its latest 48 GB and 24 GB DDR5 DIMMs for desktop and laptop PCs. The memory DIMMs stick to the JEDEC standard and allow PCs to carry more memory capacities while retaining the same DIMM count. The memory DIMMs come in DDR5-5600 flavors and support all the features the DDR5 does such as On-die ECC (ODECC) support and come with an on-module PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit) on the DIMM.

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For users who have been waiting to get higher densities on PCs, the 48 GB kits can drive up to 96 GB capacities which is a 50% increase over the 64 GB capacities that you can currently get. It'll be interesting to see if other manufacturers also start offering such capacities. MSI has shown that its 700-series motherboards include full support for all 13th Gen and 12th Gen CPUs (Raptor Lake and Alder Lake families). You can find the full support list in the chart posted below:

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Press Release: Today MSI is announcing the support of 48GB and 24GB DDR5, non-binary memory across Intel 700 and 600 Series motherboards, including MEG, MPG, MAG, & PRO Series products. Namely, the maximum memory capacity support is increased to 192GB for 4 DIMMs motherboards and 96GB for 2 DIMMs motherboards. MSI has committed to providing performance and compatibility to DIY enthusiasts.


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It is unnecessary to update the motherboard BIOS for supporting 48 GB-based memory modules. Just install the new memory module to enjoy a more efficient system with more productivity, especially for those multi-tasking gamers and users. Learn more about MSI Intel Z790 and B760 series motherboards at this link.

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