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MSRT will now detect and removes browser modifier malware – Soctuseer


MSRT November 201 update (Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool) now brings help for Soctuseer victims in this month’s release. MSRT now removes the annoying Soctuseer installations and reverses the system modifications with the help of new detections. Microsoft now adds new detections for the irritating browser modifier Win32/Soctuseer leaving no place for the malware to hide.

Soctuseer is one of the most irksome browser modifier distributed by the software bundles. Research proves that more than a millions of machines are infected with this malware among which 40% are in India, Indonesia, and the United States.


What does Soctuseer Do

The malware installs a NetFilter driver on your PC and injects a DLL directly to your web browser. The main objective of this malware is to make changes to your Internet browser without your permission. It displays the advertisements in your browser based on your search history.

For example, if your recent search was about a land/house in your area, the malware will display the pop-up ads of the real-estate websites with the attribute name Social2Search.


The malware creates a subfolder named as some ‘random 32-digit hexadecimal’ in the Program Files folder of your PC and adds all its files there. All the files follow the same 32-digit hexadecimal format. Some versions of Soctuseer sports rootkit which installs a driver on your PC limiting your access to its files.

Thankfully, Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) identifies the unwanted software and categorizes it accordingly.

The Microsoft browser extension policy states:

“Programs should use the supported mechanisms for extending or modifying the behavior or user experience of Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, or the content displayed by these browsers. These supported extension mechanisms are designed to ensure that users are able to customize and extend their browser with software of their choice, while maintaining safe and uninterrupted use of their browser and PC.”

Microsoft suggests keeping your PC and operating system updated to avoid any kind of malware. It is also recommended to avoid browsing the websites hosting malware such as pirated software, illegal music/ movies and more.

Check out the official MSRT November 2016 release to know more about protection against Soctuseer.


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