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‘NBA Live 17’ Rumors: Evidence Point At Return Of EA’s Basketball Franchise

The white whale that is a console version of NBA Live 17 is something that some fans want to see while others are not on board with another reboot of the brand. I wrote an article that stated EA Sports deserves to get another shot at NBA Live because its last two attempts, NBA Live 14 and NBA Live 15, had promise.

Earlier this week, it was reported by NLSC that while EA has started to respond to fan inquiries about a console version of NBA Live on its Twitter feed, a forum user on the NLSC website translated a game classification from South Korea’s game rating committee with a game, titled The Drive To NBA Live. The description was “this is a sports simulation game where you can experience basketball games with the NBA as the latest demo version of NBA LIVE series.”

TrapSwish, a member of the NBA Live society, tweeted what looks to be art for the rumored about game which can be seen below.

Last we heard, EA was planning a possible release around January and March, which put NBA’s All-Star weekend in New Orleans in February right in the middle of that timeline. That weekend could be used as an unveiling party for the new and improved NBA Live 17 at a time when the NBA 2K may not be in the vicinity. If EA Sports announced that they had a major announcement during All-Star weekend, rest assured it would be well attended and well publicized.

“It’s important that you know that we are committed to NBA LIVE in the console space. While we won’t be shipping a product this Fall, we will be back on the courts with something new and exciting for you to experience in early 2017,” said O’Brien in an EA Sports blog post.

While anticipation for a NBA Live console game is growing, the real test will be how the game will play. Are all the major kinks out? Is there a franchise mode which will blow gamers away? How does it look?

The biggest questions are yet to be answered and EA Sports will get to those answers at the right time. However, the sheer thought that there could be two basketball games on the market once again could make the competition between EA and 2K intense as EA Sports may have a new lease on their basketball life with a well-received release.

But for now…we wait.

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