Neofetch 3.0 Released

neofetch running in GNOME terminal on Ubuntu 16.04

A new version of the CLI-based system info tool Neofetch is available to download.

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Because we’ve written about the app a couple of times in the past, including in our list of the best Ubuntu apps, I’ll gloss over reintroducing it and get straight on to the ‘what’s new’.

Neofetch 3.0

The changes on offer in Neofetch 3.0 are fairly substantive, and range from additional operating system support to a new system-wide config installed to /etc/neofetch/config, including a slate of bug fixes, tweaks and improvements in-between.

For example, you can now see CPU temperature out-put in Fahrenheit; multiple GPUs are listed on different lines; and KDE users will no longer see GTK theme output listed in their screen fetch!

NeoFetch 3.0 is also able to fetch ‘now playing’ track data from even more music players, including Exaile, Quod Libet and JuK.

Upgrading to Neofetch 3.0

Neofetch 3.0 is available to download as source from Github.

If you already use the app, and have an older version of Neofetch installed on your system, you may also have the Neofetch PPA added to your software sources. If so, you’ll see the Neofetch 3.0 waiting for you in the Update Manager.

If not, or you’re yet to try the app out, you can add the official Neofetch PPA by running the following command in a new Terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dawidd0811/neofetch

Once complete, install Neofetch by running:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install neofetch

A word of caution: if you have set up or crafted a custom Neofetch config you’re advised to back it up and start afresh with this release, or issues may arise.

If you didn’t know that you can custom the output of Neofetch head over to its wiki to learn more.