Netflix's new Play Something feature puts your TV on shuffle

Netflix has debuted a new shuffle feature. Called Play Something, it means the streaming service will select some content for you reflecting what you like. This is pretty much a continuation of Netflix's existing tech that picks shows 'for you' that it thinks will be up your street.

If you don't like what is selected for you, you can throw the dice again with one more click and something else will be recommended.

The feature is essentially aimed at those who just want to watch something, but don't want to think about what to watch. And it all works in that typical friction-free Netflix style.

The streaming service will show you a brand new series or movie primarily, sometimes from your list, but you may also get something that you're already watching or an unfinished series. How this latter part works in practice will be interesting as normally if you don't finish a series it means you lost interest or didn't like it.

To use the new Play Something feature you can get to it in a few ways; underneath your profile name, on the tenth row of your Netflix homepage or in the left-hand side navigation menu.

Play Something also supports Text-to-Speech (TTS).

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