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Network Drive Control lets you set up Advanced Drive Mapping Options


One of the primary concerns with the mapped network drives on a machine running Windows. Mapping the drive is a big issue since Windows initially attempts to connect to all the drives and thus it does not allow the users to connect to one particular drive. The lack of network specific option can be a big disadvantage especially when the device is only connected to a specific network. In a such a case one has to wait for all the network drives to be mapped and only then select the desired drive. Enter Network Drive Control! Use freeware Network Drive Control to make Windows automatically map network drives by network name when you log in.

Network Drive Control


Network Drive Control is aimed at solving the bottleneck of individual drive mapping and as a result, it only maps the drives that are pre-configured to be mapped. This means that the map does not check through all the mapped drives in order to ascertain if they are connected or not. Using Network Drive Control not only saves the time but also conserves the computing resources required to check each and every drive.

Map Network Drives

Install it and ensure that it starts along with the Windows. Initially, you need to add the networks that are to be scanned manually, this can be done by clicking on the “Add drive” button and by filling out the relevant fields.


Network Drive Control asks the users to select the network, drive letter, user ID and Password, Once you are done adding the details click on “Save.”

Also, the Clone option will let you clone a drive once you add it. Users can also map different network drives with the same drive letter provided that they are in different networks.

The main interface displays all the network drives along with the important parameters, users are allowed to edit or even delete the drives at any instance. One caveat though is the fact that the program doesn’t offer native password protection and this means that anyone with the access to the PC can see the password.

Network drive lets you manually add drives that need to be mapped, allow you to connect and disconnect drives, amend the drive parameters or completely delete a drive and also change the delay period after which the network mapping actually beings post the startup (the default is 1 minute). This is one of a kind program that can be hugely helpful to people who connect their machines to different networks. You can download it from its homepage.


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