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New EE SIM-only deals: Which is best for me?

EE has just announced its new SIM-only deals for Winter 2016, and they’re impressively flexible, offering a full range of data options and speeds, plus bonus extras like BT Sport and free roaming in the EU. Here’s all you need to know about EE’s new SIM-only deals and a handy chart to pick the best deal for you.

If you’re coming to the end of your contract, and you want to keep your handset but maybe move to a new provider, one of the best options is a SIM-only deal. This is an affordable way of getting loads of texts, minutes and plenty of data, without the cost of a new phone to push up the monthly price tag.

EE is a good choice if you’re a media lover who’s constantly streaming music, movies and YouTube on the move. The superfast UK network offers greater 4G coverage than any other network in the country, and faster download speeds on average too.

Here’s all you need to know about the new EE SIM-only deals, and how to work out which is best for your own personal needs.

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What do I get with my EE SIM-only deal?

With all of these deals you get unlimited text messaging, while all but the Essential SIM-only plans give you unlimited free minutes too.

You then get a choice of how much data you’re allowed to burn through each month for free, as well as your top download speeds.

And some of the SIM-only deals offer up some tasty extras as well, as you’ll see in the next section.

What extras does EE offer for SIM-only customers?

If you go for one of the standard or Max SIM-only plans from EE, you’ll be allowed to roam in the EU with your data package. That means no nasty charges for using your phone abroad, with unlimited texting and calling. However, only the Max packages allow you to roam with your full data quota (up to 15GB fair usage). The standard SIM-only deals cap you off at 500MB.

If you stump up for the Max deals you also get a subscription to BT Sport included, for the length of your chosen plan.

What is the best EE SIM-only deal for me?

Head to EE’s SIM-only webpage to see and get involved with all of the below deals. Here’s our full comparison guide so you can work out which EE SIM-only plan is best for you.

All prices are per month and the roaming includes unlimited minutes and texts, for all except the Essential plans which have no roaming support.

Plan and data allowanceMinutesData SpeedsRoaming?BT Sport?Price
4GEE Essential 250MB250Up to 20MbpsNoNo£9.99
4GEE Essential 500MB500Up to 20MbpsNoNo£12.99
4GEE Essential 1GB1000Up to 20MbpsNoNo£14.99
4GEE 2GBUnlimitedUp to 60Mbps250MB limitNo£17.99
4GEE 5GBUnlimitedUp to 60Mbps250MB limitNo£21.99
4GEE 8GBUnlimitedUp to 60Mbps250MB limitNo£25.99
4GEE 20GBUnlimitedUp to 60Mbps250MB limitNo£34.99
4GEE Max 2GBUnlimitedFastest 4GYesYes£19.99
4GEE Max 4GBUnlimitedFastest 4GYesYes£22.99
4GEE Max 7GBUnlimitedFastest 4GYesYes£26.99
4GEE Max 12GBUnlimitedFastest 4GYesYes£30.99
4GEE Max 30GBUnlimitedFastest 4GYesYes£39.99

If you’re not much of a ‘net user, the Essential plans will do you just fine, while media lovers will likely plump for the Max deals instead. If you’re still unsure of which plan to go for, check out our how much data do I need feature

Check out our guide to the best affordable SIM-only deals in the UK, and our SIM-only price comparison tool.


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