New Fall Guys Update Brings Scout Skin to PS4 & Reduces Frequency of Team Games

Mediatonic has revealed that a sneaky new update has been released for Fall Guys, reducing the timer on team games to one and a half minutes and bringing any Valve skins to PS4’s store.

You won’t need to download anything for the update, with the changes happening automatically in-game, but you should notice them now if you jump into a show.

The full list of changes is below:

  • Any Valve costumes, including the Team Fortress 2 Scout Skin, will be available in the PS4 version of the game.
  • The max player count of the Fall Mountain final is now 15, making sure it is not too overcrowded.
  • The timer on Team Tail Tag and the Fall Guys Royal Fumble final round has been reduced from two minutes to 90 seconds.
  • You will never see back to back team games from this point on, due to player feedback on them being less enjoyable than solo rounds.

We just stealthily made a few changes to the game ?
? Valve costumes will now be available in the store on PS4
? Max player count for Fall Mountain is now 15
? Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble timer is now 1:30
? No more back to back team games

— Fall Guys ? (@FallGuysGame) August 20, 2020

The Fall Guys Twitter account also confirmed that they’re always looking for player feedback, saying: ” The replies probably already show – but a lot of these changes are based directly on your feedback! Fall Guys is always *eyes emoji*”

Therefore, keep shouting out the improvements of changes you’d like to see in Fall Guys – politely of course – as you may see them made in-game somewhere down the line.

Fall Guys is still free with PlayStation Plus, until the first week of September.

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