New High-Speed HDMI Cable By Marseille Delivers 4K up-scaling & Anti-aliasing


Santa Clara-based company Marseille Networks has recently launched the first-ever HDMI cable with a graphics processor inside, the mCable. The “brain” inside the mCable is designed to aid boosting graphics, particularly for gamers who don’t yet own a UHD 4K TV or their gaming hardware lacks the computing power to execute certain types of graphic enhancements.

The mCable Gaming Edition acts as an additional “graphics processor”, performs enhancements at wire-speed up to 120 fps for 1080p games including VR, specifically reducing the jagged edges thanks to an anti-aliasing filtering. According to the company it removes 75% of graphics artifacts. The best of all? It does these things without sacrificing any game speed because of its real-time engine processor, with no additional hardware or software required.

High-Speed HDMI mCable By Marseille

According to comments by Marseille CEO Amine Chabane.

“We truly think this is a game changer in every sense of the phrase. We’ve taken our earlier mCable and adapted the technology for gaming & VR – redrawing every single pixel in real time the same way we do for film and video but in a computer generated graphics-friendly way, with advanced anti-aliasing, graphics rendering, color levels, and luminance. Once you start gaming with the mCable there will simply be no going back to your previous image quality.”

How does an HDMI cable help to improve outputting image? The mCable has an Intelligent Graphics Pixel Processor located at the end of the cable that runs Marseille’s patent “Contextual Processing”, a post-processing engine that analyzes the incoming graphics coming from PCs or consoles and softens the edges and increases perception of depth, sharpness and contrast before it reaches the screen.

The mCable 4K Gaming Edition also offers automatic movie mode for watching Blu-ray movies and 4K upscaling certified by Technicolor. The processor automatically detects 24p film content, enhances and up-scales to Ultra-HD and 4K Cinema format.

High-Speed HDMI mCable By Marseille

This new advanced HDMI cable from Marseille works with PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/Xbox, Wii U, computers, Blu-ray payers, set-top boxes, A/V receivers and streaming boxes. On the other hand, as can pretty much be expected for a piece of technology with these specs as claimed by its creators, the new HDMI cable also isn’t exactly cheap. If you’re interested in giving it a go with your own gaming rig setup, you can get your hands on the mCable Gaming Edition at Amazon at $139.99 for the 6 ft. cable and $149.99 for the 9 ft. cable. Like we said, it’s not exactly cheaply priced.


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