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New iPhone 13 could finally arrive with a smaller notch

It is not the first time we get rumors claiming that the new iPhone will arrive with a smaller notch. Still, the last iteration of Apple’s iPhone came with the same notch as previous models, even though it may appear even larger in the iPhone 12 variant. However, it seems that this time, it may really happen, as we get new information saying that we will get a new and smaller notch design in the iPhone 13.

Well, according to the latest report from Digitimes, the upcoming iPhone 13 may finally feature a smaller notch design. The design change may be because Apple’s new 3D sensing module won’t need to be as large as the notch we have in current iPhones. Now, that’s not the only change, as rumors say that every single iPhone 13 variant will also include ToF sensors in the back, which would be supplied by II-VI. Since we’re already talking about cameras, the iPhone 13 Pro variants are also expected to get an extra telephoto camera.

Jon Prosser also took his time to talk about the report and the upcoming iPhone 13. He explains the camera module’s design and placement inside the device and how the lens that’s closer to the center of the device has to be placed slightly lower to make room for the components under the notch. Now, if Apple manages to make this change, we could see a smaller notch, like the one found in a hardware sketch of an iPhone prototype that appeared back when the iPhone 11 was under the spotlight.

He also advises his viewers to take the report with some salt, as we all expected the iPhone 12 to arrive with a smaller notch, but in the end, we received the same huge notch Apple users have come to love. Further, the new iPhone 13 is also expected to feature WiFi 6E support, which offers the features and capabilities of WiFi 6, which will provide higher performance, lower latency, and faster data rates. It will also extend into the 6 GHz band, increasing bandwidth and less interference for devices that support WiFi 6E.

Source Digitimes