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New Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless V2 combine modern audio tech with retro design

The audio company's latest take on vintage-inspired cans brings aptX Adaptive and digital USB-C audio to the mix.

mh40 wireless v2

Master & Dynamic/Pocket-lint

Master & Dynamic has unveiled an updated pair of its retro-designed MH40 cans, bringing some much-needed improvements to its feature set and audio capabilities.

The audio manufacturer has equipped the latest headphones with custom 40mm titanium drivers, which the company says will deliver "crystal clear highs and full-sounding lows", offering the dynamic sound signature the company is known for.

They may look very old school, but the MH40 Wireless have also been kitted out with connectivity capabilities to make the most of your modern smartphones. That - in this instance - means Bluetooth 5.2 and aptX Adaptive onboard for efficient, lag-free connection to your Android phone, and with a range of around 30 metres, you can leave the source in the next room comfortably without losing signal, you also get up to 24-bit audio streams, helping you take advantage of CD-quality hi-resolution audio streams.

mh40 wireless v2 side three

Master & Dynamic/Pocket-lint

For those who want to use a cable, you'll be either pleased or disappointed to read that it features digital cabled audio via USB-C, and you'll get both USB-C to USB-C and a USB-C to 3.5mm cable in the box for connecting to your device.

The one big miss is ANC. Master & Dynamic hasn't added active noise cancelling to this model. You do get up to 30 hours of listening time from a full battery, however, which is pretty awesome for a pair of headphones.

The important part of the equation is that - even though M&D has kitted out the MH40 Wireless V2 with new internals - the design and focus on looks and materials remains.

mh40 wireless vs front

Master & Dynamic/Pocket-lint

These second-generation wireless MH40 are designed to look like its very first pair of headphones, going for that vintage headphone look which combines the metal accents, grille and leather to good effect, delivering that classic aesthetic.

The new MH40 Wireless V2 are available to order today in five different colourways: Silver/Brown, Gunmetal/Black, Black/Black, Silver/Navy and Silver/Grey. You can buy them direct from Master & Dynamic, and they'll set you back quite a bit. They're $399 in the US, €449 in Europe and £399 in the UK.