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New ‘Overwatch’ Pops: Funko Wave 2 Revealed And We Need That D.Va Now

POP Mei Pop Games- Mei POP McCree POP Games- MCree

The last wave of Overwatch POP! Funko Vinyl toys left a lot to be desired. Winston and Tracer both looked doofy with their giant eyes and Reaper just looked so… boring. Wave 2 of the figures from Blizzard’s highly successful shooter have just been announced, and this time they got it right. Lucio, Symmetra, McCree and Mei are all getting normal-sized figures, while Reinhardt and D.Va both get six-inch giant versions.

POP Lucio POP Games- Lucio Symmetra POP POP Games- Symmetra

D D.VA POP Games

I could not be more excited about these figures. I’ve been complaining since day one about Overwatch’s lack of quality merchandise. The game has so much character, the heroes are so unique, and yet there’s almost nothing I can buy to show my OW love. I don’t want a giant Reaper statue sitting on my desk, thinking about how he’s going to off me and the rest of my toys.

Reinhardt POP POP Games- Reinhardt

We don’t know the exact date these sweet figures are coming out, but Funko has said they will be out in 2017. It better be sooner rather than later, I have already assigned a part of my desk to belong to D.Va.


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