Newest NVIDIA Game Ready Driver Adds Support for Big Releases Like Elden Ring, GRID Legends, Etc

NVIDIA has released its latest Game Ready driver in preparation for all the brand-new and highly-anticipated titles coming out this month. This includes Elden Ring (February 25), a game developed by FromSoftware that many gamers have been anticipating for a couple of years no. This title melds together everything that FromSoftware has learned from its past games. The icing of the cake is that George R. R. Martin provided some supplemental material for the game, too. No wonder it’s so hyped! This recent driver update will ensure that your graphics card can run the game as smoothly as possible.

But Elden Ring isn’t the only title that NVIDIA is preparing for; it also adds support for Total War: Warhammer III (February 17), GRID Legends (February 25), and Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (February 22). The latter isn’t a new game per se; it’s the latest expansion to developer Bungie’s highly-acclaimed first-person shooter franchise.

Also, the latest Game Ready driver update introduces DLSS support for Martha is Dead and a bunch of other excellent games. As for NVIDIA Reflex, the update now supports iRacing.

If you’re curious about the complete details, NVIDIA posted everything you need to know on its blog. If you have GeForce Experience and your graphics card is eligible for the update, you can download the driver now. No worries if you don’t have the best graphics card on the market, especially since we’re experiencing a global shortage. However, you may try your luck by the end of 2022, as the dire graphics card situation is expected to lessen by that time.

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