Newest ‘Sims 4’ Pets Code Marks More Than 100 Days In Rumor Mill

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This may be the longest stretch of time a DLC has been rumored in The Sims 4 and EA has not confirmed it. According to the devoted souls over at Sims Community, a Pets expansion has been rumored for 115 days now. The count officially began when Pets code was found in the toddler update in January because the evidence became a bit more concrete, but Pets has been rumored for more than a year.

The newest leak doesn’t tell us much, but suggests pets can walk on certain surfaces, like counters, bars, fridges, tables and beds. This time, the code comes from Twisted Mexi, who regularly blesses fans with CC, most recently the terrain tool mod.

It was a Pets survey, which surfaced in March 2016, that initially got people thinking more about the possibility. Then, in October 2016, a Sims developer may have mistakenly implied Pets was in the works after responding “No” to a question about whether pets would be objects, like babies.

The toddler update in January 2017 really set the rumors in stone. A Sims Community Modder, Zerbu, found code from the toddler patch that contained evidence for cats, dogs, and even one line of code for horses, which reveal the actions ‘sit next to’ and ‘jump on object.’ The code also suggested there could be a differentiation between small dogs and large dogs.

Next came Sims 4 Studio, who spotted game files listing body parts and presumably customizable features that will be available for pets: ears, tail, and special fur options on the body, tail and ears.

The last Pets tease, before the evidence TwistedMexi found last week, came in the form of two more surveys that included “Small Pets.’ Options included birds, ferret, guinea pig, reptiles and tricks like “go fetch.” Oddly enough, that survey did not include cats, dogs, or horses.

Hopefully, there will be some key differences in Pets in the Sims 4 compared to Sims 3. The first survey that sparked rumors opened the possibility of being able to play the game as your pets, from their perspective. It also mentioned creating a breed from scratch, customizing their personalities, as well as pet-friendly neighborhoods and venues. Also, Pets could build off some of the features from Get To Work. The survey mentions sending your pets to work to bring home extra Simoleons. All that would make Pets feel less like an NPC object and more like a member of the family.

Sims 4: Bowling was the last DLC to release for Sims 4 and next up is a Family-themed game pack. EA has not released a teaser, release date, or any new information on the upcoming game pack in weeks; however, there should be an announcement this week.

Also on the horizon is Sims 4: Eco Living , a fan-selected game pack. So far, players have only chosen the basic concept and art style. The next vote, for objects and clothing, takes place on May 18. Check out our wishlist of features here.