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Niantic Labs Rolling Out ‘Pokémon GO’ Update 0.55.0 On Android, 1.25.0 On iOS

The Pokémon GO team at Niantic Labs just released a new software update for the company’s famous and well-received mobile gaming app. This update, though not as big of a deal as previous ones, does bring some positive and much needed changes to “Pokémon GO.”

On Saturday, the Pokémon GO team took to the official website of the mobile game that new versions for the Android and iOS platforms have arrived. Trainers are therefore advised to install the update onto their devices once they become available in their region. The rollout is going on a slowly but surely pace just like previous updates.

For Android users, the “Pokémon GO” update that is being rolled out is version 0.55.0. On the other hand, the update that iOS users are getting is version 1.25.0. Because this is only a minor update, users should not expect to see major changes like new features and the introduction of Gen 2 Pokémon from Johto region.

According to the patch notes the team posted on their blog, the new update reduces the load time it takes for the game to start on Android devices. It also fixes the Android connectivity problem that prevents the app from connecting seamlessly and quickly to the Pokémon GO Plus accessory.

When it comes to the new implementation in the iOS version of the game, the update brings the integrated support for wheelchair when using the Apple Watch. It can be noted that Niantic Labs brought the game onto Apple’s high-tech timepiece last December.

Lastly, the Pokémon GO team stated in their blog post that the update comes with fixes for minor text errors. The developers did not explain which text errors this update will address, and this is not at all surprising. Every time Niantic releases minor text fixes, it doesn’t give details of these fixes. Nonetheless, players have been very vocal online about the grammatical errors in some parts of the game.

The new update comes in the wake of rumors claiming Niantic has already done some alterations to the APK code in preparation for the introduction of Gen 2 Pokémon to players. There is also the possibility of having a new companion device for “Pokémon GO” as hinted by The Pokémon Company President Tsunekazu Ishihara early this week.


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