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The Nintendo Switch Sold Out In Japan: Overwhelming Orders Crash My Nintendo Store Website

The Nintendo Switch is sold out in Japan. And it didn’t take long at all. In fact, via Nintendo Insider, eager buyers immediately overloaded the servers and crashed the My Nintendo store just moments after the website opened Switch sales earlier this week.

The My Nintendo Store online store offered buyers a chance to customize their Switch with assorted Joy-Con colors. Apparently, the promotion was so enticing that the traffic spike promptly caused the site to go down.

Nintendo error message “Ninzilla” rawrs and waves its tiny arms at Nintendo fans when the My Nintendo site went down.

While most fans only got to meet the cute Ninzilla on the page’s error message, a lucky few managed to put in their orders. Nintendo announced the Switch is sold out until fans are notified about future availability at a later date.

The official Nintendo Switch release date is March 3 worldwide. The Switch retails for $299.99.


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