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Nintendo Switch Specs: Home Menu And UI Shown, Total Charge Time Revealed

With the March 3 release date for the Nintendo Switch approaching, the official Nintendo U.K. website has posted the console’s Specifications page and the first look at the home menu and user interface.

According to the Nintendo U.K. Switch page, the Nintendo Switch home menu will allow gamers to start games and select game settings. Managing friends and user accounts and changing system settings will also be available on the home menu.

nintendo switch home menu The home menu for the Nintendo Switch

While this is nothing groundbreaking, seeing how the home menu and UI looks on the Nintendo Switch gives players a look at what to expect when they are not playing Zelda or any of the other launch titles.

Gamers will also have access to a News section, similar to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS home menu, the Nintendo eShop and your console’s album. The Nintendo Switch will come with a Share button that will allow for easy screenshots, where players will be able to add text and share to social media.

Capturing video will not be available at launch but an update to allow for video capture will be added later this year.

The rest of the Nintendo Switch specs page doesn’t give any new information besides how long it will take to get a full charge on your Switch. The official site states that it will take approximately three hours when the console is asleep to get a full charge.

The Nintendo Switch will release March 3.

So what do you think of the home menu and UI for the Nintendo Switch? Is three hours too long to get a full charge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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