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Nintendo Switch Trade-In And Pre-Order Bonus: Gamestop Offers Up To $75 Additional Store Credit For Trade-Ins

Did last week’s Nintendo Switch presentation convince you it’s time to switch things up (let me have this pun)? Gamers can bring in their old consoles, anything from an old Nintendo Wii to even the PlayStation VR you received last Christmas to video game retailer Gamestop for trade-in offers towards the Nintendo Switch. That said, Gamestop will be offering an extra bonus for its PowerUp Rewards and PowerUp Rewards Pro members that are trading in their console or device.

For standard PowerUp Rewards members, a Wii U, Xbox One, PS4 console or a PS VR system trade-in towards a Nintendo Switch pre-order will get an extra $50 store credit towards Nintendo’s new handheld/console hybrid. A trade-in from a Nintendo WIi or Nintendo 3DS yields an extra $20. Meanwhile, PowerUp Rewards Pro members will receive $75 of store credit for the current-gen consoles and an extra $30 for trading in a Wii or 3DS.

The GameStop PowerUp Rewards membership is available for free, but gamers that wish to enjoy Pro tier rewards must pay an annual membership fee of $15 a year.

For a better understanding of the trade-in values, check out the chart below. For informational purposes, we added the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S 2TB consoles into the list, but I’m sure we all agree the trade in value isn’t a very good deal considering the steep retail prices the half-step consoles demand. That said, the maximum $275 trade-in reward practically pays for the Nintendo Switch in its entirety.

Nintendo Switch Trade In Nintendo Switch Trade-In chart

Will you trade-in your console for a Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comment section below!


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