Maand: februari 2018

Samsung Max is a privacy-centric browser with data saving

  The VPN app compresses data and offers tips to reduce data drain Samsung has released details of its new mobile VPN service, offering enhanced privacy and data-saving features to preserve data limits. Samsung Max is an app for Samsung-branded Android devices, replacing Opera Max. De…

Intel will launch 5G-powered laptops in 2019

  The chip maker is working with some of the industry’s biggest tech brands, such as Dell, PK, Lenovo and Microsoft Intel has announced plans to deliver 5G-powered laptops to the market before the end of 2019. Rivaling Qualcomm, which has also been focusing on launching

SmilePass launches biometric security cloud offering

  Three security tiers are available, each offering protection for customers and financial organisations against fraud SmilePass has revealed a cloud-based biometric security solution that will enable financial businesses to better secure themselves and their customers against fraud. SmilePass uses selfies to verify a customer's identity

Alibaba Cloud plays host to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  The collaboration offers a scalable pay-as-you-go platform for developers to manage apps and build virtualised environments Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now globally available on Alibaba's Cloud Marketplace as a pay-as-you-go subscription model, enabling businesses to deploy and manage applications, build virtualised environments and create

Hoe te UWP app-versie in Windows vinden 10

  Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applicaties zijn de moderne toepassing in de Windows Store die kunnen worden gebruikt in alle Window apparaten zoals Xbox, Hololens, Tablet, PC of Phone. Eigenlijk, UWP voorziet in een gemeenschappelijk platform voor elk apparaat dat Windows wordt uitgevoerd 10. On a related

Best 4K Laptop in 2018

  Best Overall: HP Spectre x360 See at HP Updated to eighth-gen Intel Core processors (CPU) and shipping with pen included, the convertible HP Spectre x360 is a truly premium laptop with an all-day battery. Baseline 13.3-inch 4K configurations start at only about $1,130, including a