Xiaomi 12 Pro review: pure klasse of eentje om te halen?

Our view on Xiaomi’s devices has been a bit of a rollercoaster in recent years, from the super affordable Mi 9T Pro back in 2020 (yay), to the ultimately confused Mi 11 Ultra in 2021 (not so yay). For 2022 the Chinese phone-maker has dropped its Mi naming convention, pared back its design ethos, and pretty much started anew. Indeed, that’s what the Xiaomi 12 feels like: a fresh start. This flagship handset focuses on the core pillars of design, powerful hardware and capable cameras – without the gimmicks of some competitors – all wrapped into a package that sits well under a four-figure asking price. So is the Xiaomi … Meer lezen

Fnatic Bolt review: een geweldige betaalbare gamingmuis

The Fnatic Bolt is a lightweight wireless gaming mouse that packs some serious specs into an affordable frame. It was constructed in collaboration with eSports pros in order to craft a gaming mouse based on pro player requirements. It’s no surprise, then, that Fnatic says the Bolt is designed to offer the “pinnacle of gaming performance”. That’s owed to its gamer-pleasing specs that include not only a lightweight, hole-free frame, but also great battery life and super-slick feet. Best gaming mice: The best wired, wireless and RGB gaming mice to buy today Does it skate by the competition and strike where it matters though? We’ve been working and gaming with … Meer lezen

Oplaadsnelheid OnePlus 10 Pro verlaagd in de VS - en dit is waarom

In a community post detailing the OnePlus 10 Pro‘s performance specifications and hardware, the manufacturer has reiterated that its flagship phone for 2022 has 80W SuperVOOC charging. With the 80W charging, the OnePlus 10 Pro can fill from 1-100 per cent in just 32 minutes. That is, unless you’re in North America. In the same community announcement, OnePlus states that if you’re getting a North American territory device you’ll only get 65W SuperVOOC. That’s the same power and speed as the last couple of OnePlus flagship generations. Although it doesn’t explicitly say why in the actual announcement, the company’s representatives did reply to a question in the comments explaining why … Meer lezen

Apple iPhone SE (2022) review: Moet je de instap-iPhone kopen?

Apple introduced the third generation iPhone SE in March 2022, two years after the second generation model came out. The entry-level iPhone differentiates itself from the newer models by continuing to opt for the Touch ID home button and the design that comes with that, rather than move to Face ID and a full screen experience. Are updated internals enough though? The iPhone SE (third generation) offers a lot of power for its price, but that power comes with a couple of compromises. Is it still worth your consideration? We moved out of the iPhone 13 mini and into the iPhone SE (2022) to give you our verdict. Apple iPhone … Meer lezen

Apple iPad Air (2022) review: Geweldig wordt groter

Apple has updated the iPad Air for 2022 with an upgraded processor, 5G connectivity, better front-facing camera, and a couple of new colour options. Certainly all steps in the right direction, but that’s your lot – the design is otherwise the same as the 2020 model. So is this still the iPad to get if you’re looking for a true tablet – rather than a larger Pro model with laptop-replacement potential – or just a tick-box exercise to keep things relevant? We’ve been using the 5th Gen iPad Air to find out. Design Colour options: Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple, Blue Dimensions: 247.6 x 178.5 x 6.1mm / Weight: 461g … Meer lezen

Apple Studio Display review: Hé, ziet er goed uit

Once upon a time Apple made a range of branded monitors designed specifically for the Mac, be it the Mac mini or to plug into your MacBook and expand your desktop. Over the years, that offering eventually dwindled, being discontinued in 2016 – only to be restarted in 2019 with the release of the Pro Display XDR. But with lofty goals and an even loftier price tag – it costs £4599/$4999/€5499 – that’s been out of reach for most Mac users. Now, alongside the launch of the Mac Studio, Apple has released a more approachable offering with the Studio Display. But should you consider it given the wide array of … Meer lezen

Apple Mac Studio review: ontketen je superkrachten

Apple’s continued push to provide the creative industry with more powerful options has resulted in the launch of a new Mac category for the first time since 2005. The Mac Studio – which seemingly sits between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro – is the company’s answer to those who want more power (complete with Apple’s own M1 Max/Ultra silicon) without going the full hog of the fully customisable (and still Intel-powered) Mac Pro. So how does it stack up? We’ve been living with the Mac Studio to find out. Design Rear ports: 4x USB-C 4/Thunderbolt 4, 1x 10Gb Ethernet, 2x USB-A, 1x HDMI, 1x 3.5mm headphone jack Front … Meer lezen

Eerste beoordeling Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: een winnaar in het middensegment?

The Galaxy A series sees the most voluminous sales for Samsung, with this model, the Galaxy A53 5G, likely to be one of the most important handsets that Samsung will offer in 2022. That’s not because it’s the best – that’s saved for the Galaxy S22 Ultra – or because it’s the most groundbreaking – that’s the Galaxy Z Fold 3 – but because it will define the Samsung mobile experience for the greatest number of people. So this is a mid-range device to be excited about? Design and build 159.9 x 74.7 x 8.1mm, 189g Gorilla Glass 5 and punch hole IP67 protection To look that there isn’t a … Meer lezen

Amazon Glow is een projector voor videogesprekken voor kinderen en is nu beschikbaar voor alle Amerikaanse klanten

In September 2021, Amazon unveiled Glow, a pretty left-field addition to its line of hardware that marries a video-calling device with a projector and is aimed right at families. Best Alexa tips and tricks: Get more from Amazon’s assistant It has a short-throw projector that aims down at a surface to allow interactive games and activities that can be interacted with by the other party on the call. That means grandparents could help them learn to read or solve puzzles, from a tablet or another device that can run the new Amazon Glow app, while a contented kid gets an easier deal on the concentration front. Glow was initially launched … Meer lezen

Garmin Approach S62 review: nog een meesterzet

Het gebruik van een GPS-golfhorloge op de baan is de afgelopen tien jaar misschien vrij gewoon geworden, maar het komt niet vaak voor dat deze speciale apparaten goed vertalen naar dagelijks gebruik. Ofwel is de look niet op zijn plaats in niet-golfomstandigheden, of de functieset is te beperkt om een ​​fulltime plek om je pols te rechtvaardigen. Garmin's Approach S62 is echter bedoeld om een ​​meer afgeronde ervaring te bieden, terwijl het ook premium trackingfuncties biedt voor golfers van alle niveaus. Maar slaagt het erin om de lijnen overtuigend te vervagen, of ben je beter gediend door je golftechnologie gescheiden te houden van je dagelijkse leven? Design en weergave Display: 1.3-inch kleuren … Meer lezen

TikTok test een 'Kijkgeschiedenis' zodat je gemakkelijk video's kunt vinden die je hebt gezien

TikTok currently doesn’t allow users to see their viewing – or “watch” – history. But that might soon change, according to a leakster. The popular social media app is reportedly testing a new Watch History feature that will allow you to easily locate a video you previously watched without having to like to save later or download it to your device. #TikTok is testing adding a watch history feature in the app pic.twitter.com/zFLn6uYSUr — Hammod Oh (@hammodoh1) March 26, 2022 As first spotted by Matt Navarra, Twitter user Hammod Oh, who frequently leaks yet-to-be-announced features coming to various social networks, recently shared a screenshot that reveals TikTok is testing a … Meer lezen

Apple Watch Series 8 zou een drukgevoelige zijknop kunnen hebben, suggereert een patent

Apple has filed a number of patents that suggest the company is looking at next-generation Force Touch technology which might appear in future models of the Apple Watch, AirPods or iPhone. The patents filed to the US Patent & Trademark Office were discovered by PatentlyApple (via 9to5Mac) and they refer to force-pressure sensors and their various uses in different Apple devices. One of the patents discusses the use of force sensors in “small form factor devices”, which would presumably refer to products like the Apple Watch and AirPods. The patent shows an Apple Watch with a pressure-sensitive side button, which could allow for more features on a future model like … Meer lezen