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Installeer CachetHQ op CentOS 7

In deze tutorial, zullen we uitleggen hoe je CachetHQ installeren op een CentOS 7.1 VPS met MariaDB, PHP-FPM 5.6 en Nginx. CachetHQ is een open source statuspagina te bouwen op de top van Laravel 5. This guide should work on other Linux VPS systems as well

Hoe kan PrestaShop installeren op CentOS 7

PrestaShop is de meest krachtige, dynamic and fully-featured free eCommerce software enriched with innovative tools. It is used by more than 2,50,000 people around the world for making their online stores at no cost. It's been used widely across the globe due to its simplicity and

Hoe te OpenSIPS Server op Ubuntu installeren 15.04

OpenSIPS is an open source SIP Proxy program that runs on Linux platforms and play in the infrastructure of an Internet Telephony Service Provider. There are number of open source applications available that are used to build IP Telephony solutions. OpenSIPS may not be as well-known

Hoe te ProjectSend op CentOS installeren 6

Today we will show you how to install ProjectSend on a Centos 6 VPS using Apache web server and MySQL database. ProjectSend is an open source file and image sharing application that allows you upload files and assign them to specific clients that you create yourself! ProjectSend

Install Sentora on CentOS 7

In this tutorial we will cover the steps needed for installing Sentora on a CentOS 7 VPS. Sentora is a web hosting control panel that is free for download. It is developed for Linux, UNIX and BSD based servers or computers. Using Sentora software you can

7 basic tips to improve Apache security

Apache is the most popular and most used web server in the world, and it is the first web server used to serve more than 100 million websites around the world. Apache is know to be very secure web server, but in this article we will

How to Install MariaDB 10 op CentOS 7 CPanel Server

MariaDB is a enhanced open source and drop-in replacement for MySQL. It is developed by MariaDB community and available under the terms of the GPL v2 license. Software Security is the main focus for the MariaDB developers. They maintain its own set of security patches for

Install CumulusClips on CentOS 7

CumulusClips is a free and open source video sharing script that allows users to create their own video sharing website just like one of the most popular websites around, Youtube. CumulusClips is very easy to use and its installation is fast and straightforward. In dit artikel…

Leaseweb Cloud AWS EC2 ondersteuning

Zoals je misschien weet, some of the products LeaseWeb include in its portfolio are Public and Private Cloud based on Apache CloudStack, which supports a full API. We, LeaseWeb, are very open about this, and we try to be as much involved and participative in the

How to Install Asterisk and FreePBX on CentOS 7

In this tutorial we will show you how to install Asterisk and FreePBX on a CentOS 7 VPS. FreePBX is a free web based graphical user interface that controls and manages Asterisk. Asterisk is an open source software implementation of a telephone private branch exchange (PBX)

Hoe je Lighttpd webserver op Ubuntu 15.04 / CentOS 7

Lighttpd is an open source web server which is secure, snel, compliant, and very flexible and is optimized for high-performance environments. It uses very low memory compared to other web servers , small CPU load and speed optimization making it popular among the server for its

Installeer Munin op CentOS 7

Munin is een netwerk resource monitoring tool die kan helpen bij het analyseren trends bron en het gebruik van servers en diensten. Het biedt bewakings- en alarmdiensten voor servers, switches, toepassingen, services en is ontworpen om zeer plug and play zijn. Munin has a master/slave architecture in which the

A Guide to Install OpenCart op Ubuntu / CentOS

OpenCart is a free and open source web based eCommerce online store management system for a better shopping cart solution. It is a foundation for building an online store allowing the shop owners to make business to their products or shop with the power of internet.

Nginx configuratie voor OsCommerce

OsCommerce is a very popular software used to build e-commerce stores. This free shopping cart is available in many languages and has a large community of users that have built more than 7000 plugins/addons to extend the basic features of OsCommerce. With OsCommerce you can setup