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3 Ways To Run Memory Diagnostics Tool in Windows 10

  ramen 10 and earlier versions come with a built-in utility called Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool to check for memory problems. In deze handleiding, we will see how to run and use Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool on a Windows 10 PC. Using the Memory Diagnostics tool

oculair - An eye for an eye

documenten, documenten, documenten. Didn’t Steve Ballmer shout that at some expo some time ago? No? Never mind. Let’s talk about Okular instead, dan. This is a document viewer for Linux and THE document viewer available in the KDE/Plasma desktop environment. It’s been around for a long

Snapchat's new creative tools: All you need to know

On May 9th, Snapchat announced that a pretty significant update was on its way, changing the nature of how users send snaps and adding powerful new creative tools to combat Instagram Stories’ latest gamut of features. The toolkit where these new features reside is also being

Download Windows 10 ISO Zonder Media Creation Tool

  Everyone knows that it’s possible to download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft using the official Media Creation Tool. There are some other tools also available to download Windows 10 ISO, but the Media Creation Tool is better than third-party tools for obvious reasons. While downloading

ramen 10 Makers Update Downloaden Resources en Opties

ramen 10 Creative Update is te wijten aan de lancering in april 11 worldwide, but Microsoft is starting to make Windows 10 Creators Update available for download to users like you and me who simply don’t like to wait. Here is a summary of the various download sources

LongoMatch open source video-analyse-instrument

LongoMatch is een open source cross-platform sport video analyse programma dat real-time en post-opname analyse ondersteunt. De open source versie van LongoMatch is beschikbaar voor Windows, Mac OS X en diverse Linus distributies. Het vereist dat u downloadt en installeert een codec pack ook, als…