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‘No Man’s Sky’ Explorer’s Edition Pre-Orders Still Haven’t Shipped: Here’s When To Expect Them

No Man’s Sky has recovered slightly from its rocky launch, but those who pre-ordered the game’s pricey Explorer’s Edition bundle aren’t feeling the love. It appears nobody has recieved one yet, and they haven’t even shipped in the U.K. Here’s what we know.

For those who purchased the $150 set, its producers at iam8bit are now saying that bundles have begun shipping in the U.S. and that process will start in the U.K in early January. Those who contacted the outlet’s customer support were also recently told the limited item was being put into shipping containers for transportation across the ocean.

That being said, the thousands of folks who invested in this bundle don’t have much to be pleased about. The Explorer’s Edition was first revealed last March, and No Man’s Sky hit retail stores at the beginning of August. That essentially means many devoted buyers have spent nearly half a year waiting for something that was intended to be a game pre-order. That’s not exactly the best look for those willing to plop down such a massive wad of cash. Some have reported successful refunds, but others remain hopeful.

For those who missed the memo, the No Man’s Sky Explorer’s Edition bundle features a game key, a hand-painted ship replica, a traveler pin, a display diorama and an Atlas traveler’s log in a “rad” box. The codes were sent out digitally at the time of release, but the rest of the perks are nowhere to be found.

This pre-order dilemma will hopefully be the last major issue in the controversial saga that is No Man’s Sky. Shortly after the game launched in Aug. 2016, players lambasted the title for its lack of promised features and boring gameplay mechanics. Refunds were demanded en masse, and the vitriol got so heated that the development team at Hello Games was sued for false advertising. The anger has mostly subsided since the release of November’s Foundation Update, but an unquestionable stigma remains.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4 and PC.
Are you still waiting on your No Man’s Sky Explorer’s Edition pre-order? Should customers be compensated for the wait? Tell us in the comments section!


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