‘No Man’s Sky’ Fans Find Insulting Lost Blog Update From Hello Games, And It Gets Deleted

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  • Nov 26, 2016

No Man’s Sky fans haven’t received a substantial development update about the game in nearly 100 days, and an apparently lost Zendesk blog post was just found that adds fuel to the fire. Read in retrospect, the now-deleted words come off as all the more insulting.

The post, titled “Are You Working On Any New Updates,” was first copied by reddit’s Griffin880 on Tuesday and is currently inactive. On the surface, it seems to offer a very PR-heavy answer to the question we’ve all been asking: where in the universe has Hello Games been?
However, a deeper analysis reveals that the post itself, while previously unseen even by the Internet Archive and Google, likely wasn’t all that new. Because timestamps on Zendesk blogs update each time account holders check on a post, see that it was “marked as helpful” or even read comments, the shown postdate is totally useless. It’s just strange that so many prominent internet engines, and even No Man’s Sky’s ravenous fans, weren’t aware of the page until a few hours ago.

Sparing you of the spin wording, we’ll skip to the interesting parts. It reads “we know you are very keen to hear from us on this, and, while we would love to share specific timelines with you on what kind of updates will be released to you right now, we can only say that as soon as we are ready to share any news, you will be the first to know.” It’s further added that social media sites, such a as Twitter, are the “places you’ll likely get this information the fastest.”

It’s this last bit that’s particularly comical (and even a bit insulting) when viewed through a modern lens. As those that follow No Man’s Sky closely will know, it’s been more than three months since we’ve heard a peep from Hello Games at all. Aside from a weird hacking situation in October, the last game-focused tweet from studio programmer Sean Murray was posted on Aug. 18. The Hello Games Twitter has also been mostly silent since Sept. 23. In other words, if those are the “fastest modes of communication,” we’re in trouble.

Possibly more intriguing is the question of why this particularly innocuous, and probably old, message was just removed. Was it done to curb confusion from fans that might believe the post was current? Was it scrapped because, in fact, no new updates are coming?

This new development is yet another strange addition to the ever-evolving saga that is No Man’s Sky. Last week we reported that Hello Games’ former designer had left Murray to work on Star Citizen. The company was also probed for false advertising and tiny internal revisions keep sporadically posting on Steam. Despite getting little to no update from the game’s developers, there’s a lot of weird stuff going on around them. Today’s deleted post is just icing on the cake.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4 and PC.

Are you still enthralled by the post-release saga of No Man’s Sky? Will this game ever get another substantial update? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.


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