‘No Man’s Sky’ PC Getting Nominated For Steam Awards, And It’s Getting Super Salty

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  • Nov 26, 2016

No Man’s Sky for PC is a hot topic given the recent launch of the 2016 Steam Awards, and, as expected, some are taking the promotion as a way to toss around a bit of salt. A few of the game’s most dedicated fans and detractors have come up with special categories specifically for Hello Games’ space exploration controversy.

For those unaware of how the Steam Awards work, those with a valid account can go to a particular game’s store page and nominate it for one of nine different categories. The last one, called “we didn’t think of everything,” is essentially a license for the community to make up an honor and give it to the most commonly referenced game. As one of 2016’s biggest disappointments, the fan-selected accolades for No Man’s Sky are getting just as salty as you might think.

The game’s subreddit has officially opted for the honor of “Refund of the Year,” but here are a few alternate picks we’ve seen floating around the internet.

  • “Biggest Disappointment Ever”
  • “Cautionary Tale Of The Year”
  • “One Man’s Lie”
  • “I Waited 3 Years For This”
  • “I Will Not Buy Anything In Advance”
  • “Game Full Of Lies”
  • “Best $60 I Never Spent”
  • “Biggest Lie Of The Year”

The potential list could, of course, go on for days. Whatever your choice may be, it’s clear that Steam’s passionate PC users don’t have much goodwill to spread about a game that under delivered in almost every single way imaginable. Promised features were missing, refunds were demanded, false advertising claims were filed, developers were hacked and, most recently, an update about the game’s progress was suspiciously deleted.

No Man’s Sky was originally heralded as a limitless universe full of 18 quintillion planet-sized planets, and it turned out to be little more than a basic space survival experience. Hello Games was able to create a massive universe with a single formula, there just wasn’t much to do once you started looking around it. It’s this unfortunate reality that has earned the project so much negative attention, and that hate could wind up making an appearance during the first-ever Steam Awards once the winners are revealed next month.

Does No Man’s Sky deserve to be recognized for a negative award like the ones that have been suggested by gamers? Should we just leave Sean Murray and his team alone so they can work on updates? Tell us in the comments section!


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