No under-display camera for Samsung Galaxy S21, claims report


Samsung has long been rumoured to be working on under-display camera technology for its phones, and some suggested the Samsung Galaxy S21 would be the first to benefit. However, that is now disputed, with a Korean site saying that plans for the next flagship have changed.

The Elec reports that the under-display camera for the S21 has been ditched because of a “low production yield”. Instead, it says, the first phone with an UDC will be the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, to be released in the second-half of 2021.

Samsung Display has been working with HIAA (hole in active area) tech which laser cuts holes into the OLED panel during the production stage. The under-display camera concept blasts numerous tiny holes for the camera unit to see through, but are largely impeceptible to the user.

Sadly though, as such a precise method is required, it is clearly not yet stable enough to do it on scale. And, being the main flagship model for the brand, the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be expected to ship in significant amounts come next spring.

That effectively means the S21 will continue the company’s punch-hole display for the front-facing camera, and we’re more likely to see UDC’s debut on a handset with a much lower production run – hence the Fold 3.

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